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Highly Creative Music Video Concepts

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Your music video production should visually stand out with a great concept at it’s heart. We work very closely with you to understand your genre, themes, style and message – and present to you a mouth watering music video treatment that illustrates the concept we’ll help you bring to life. 


Diverse Production Network for Great Locations & Talent

Putting together the jigsaw of music video production can be time consuming and frustrating. To make this easier for you, we have spent the past 8 years building up a Video Production Network where we can source a vast amount of options for locations, actors, performers, vehicles, props, animals, pyrotechnics and more. You just have to say what you want and we’ll get it.    


Ultra Stylised, Cinematic Visuals

As visuals are the most important chunk of pie in your music video production, Video Ink don’t hold back. We ensure you get incredible lighting design, cinematic camera movement, beautiful colours, authentic effects, rhythmic edits and more to make you look beyond the absolute real deal. 


Featured Music Video Production

Watch a selection of diverse music videos we’ve created for artists worldwide.

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How it Works – Step by Step

Step 1

Create a Music Video Concept

Consultation / Strategy / Plan

Start a Project, get your FREE music video treatment and we'll help you create a music video concept that enhances your music and amplify's your style.
Step 2

Receive Your Music Video Treatment

Ideas / Content / Purpose

We'll present you with a nifty online music video treatment, which illustrates your entire music video from start to finish.
Step 3

Assemble the Music Video Production

Talent / Location / Design

Using our Video Production Network - we'll put together all the pieces by organising, sourcing and hiring all the elements required to make your music video production awesome.
Step 4

Shoot the Music Video

Camera / Lighting / Direction

You turn up, we'll shoot, everyone will have a great time and we'll be set for the edit.
Step 5

Edit and Finalise the Music Video

Edit / Colour / Effects

To your music, we'll edit, grade, put on the VFX and final tweaks to master a complete and ready to launch music video. All at Broadcast Standard.
Step 6

Deliver the Music Video for Launch

Social / Website / Events

We'll deliver all your mastered files optimised for online speed and quality. Optionally, distribute to Fastrax for Music TV play listing.

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