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– Nonafaye Williams, Fearless Records USA.

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Video Ink is a music video production company in Manchester. Not just a standard videographer team – we have an expansive set of creatives who work together to create the most diverse and eye catching music video production Manchester has to offer.

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We work very closely with you to nail the genre, themes, style and message for your music video production – delivering a mouth watering music video treatment that illustrates the concept we’ll help you bring to life. 


Diverse Production Network for Great Locations & Talent

We can source a vast amount of options for your music video production, including locations, actors, performers, vehicles, props, animals, pyrotechnics and more. You just have to say what you want and we’ll get it.    


Ultra Stylised, Cinematic Visuals

We ensure your music video production gets incredible lighting design, cinematic camera movement, beautiful colours, authentic effects, rhythmic edits and more to make you look beyond the absolute real deal. 


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Whether you’re unsigned, rising or your signed to a big label – we have a killer music video production for everybody.

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