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Your Own Brand Storyline for your Video Production

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More than just a videographer or typical video production, in Manchester we’ll help you complete an entire Brand Storyline which structures all your brand video production content. You will have an incredibly captivating strategy to engage and nurture target customers into people who like you and buy from you.


Stand-Out with High Impact, Ongoing Video Content

We supply super stylised video production that brings your Brand Storyline to life. By expertly and stylishly creating a bank of video footage, we produce a collection of multi-purpose, visually stunning videos. As a key bonus, you’re able to re-purpose your footage into more videos – adding huge value and longevity to your video production investment. 


Push Results Higher with Integrated Digital Services

Optionally, work closely with our digital marketing agency partners in Manchester who design, strategise and implement social media, digital branding assets and PR. With videography, photography, website, graphic design and full campaign strategies with your video production, you have everything you need, in one single space, to get results. 


Featured Brand Videos

Watch a selection of diverse brand videos we’ve created for brands in sports, food, lifestyle and tech. 

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How it Works – Step by Step

Step 1

Building a Video Storyline

Consultation / Strategy / Plan

Start a Project, get your FREE consultation and we'll help you build a video storyline which covers your audiences entire journey to becoming customers.
Step 2

Online Visual Proposal

Ideas / Content / Purpose

We'll present you with a nifty online interactive proposals, which highlight every area fo your Storyline with visuals, descriptions and strategies.
Step 3

Assembling the Production

Talent / Location / Design

We'll give you access to our Production Network which makes creating, organising and sourcing all the elements easy and stress free.
Step 4

Shooting the Footage Bank

Camera / Lighting / Direction

We'l shoot the main bank of footage for you - ensuring every detail is captured dynamically, creatively and on-brand.
Step 5

Creating the Video Content

Edit / Colour / Effects

We'll complete editing, colouring, sound and visual FX for all the videos required for your Storyline, including re-purposed clips for social media.
Step 6

Launching the Video Campaign

Social / Website / Events

We'll deliver all your mastered files optimised for online speed and quality. Optionally, take advantage of our Partner Services and boost results to the max.

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