Generally there is no absolute cost to our video productions. It all depends on the concept that’s required. There are many variables such as crew required, equipment, locations, styling, special FX, travel… the options are endless and the cost completely unique to every project. If you have a budget in mind, we can recommend the best approach. Every step of the way the cost is transparent. We manage it very well.
We are based in Manchester at AWOL Studios. It’s a large mill conversion full to the brim with many skilled and talented artists from all walks of life. The core team cover the entire UK and also take on projects overseas – from the USA, Russia, Norway, Spain… we get around. Our studio is more of a glorified office with an editing suite, a bunch of filming equipment and a nice Chesterfield sofa. We have a kettle too and that silver Nescafe powder stuff that everyone is talking about. Get in touch if you’d like to visit.
Yes, of course. We have everything from cameras, lenses, lighting, gimbals, sliders, Mac’s… we pretty much have it covered. If we don’t have what we need on your production, we are really good friends with some equipment suppliers in the area who give us discount rates on rental items.
We do everything by BACS – it’s easy and straight forward. When you sign up to a project, we send through a complete breakdown of the payment schedule. These change from project to project, usually we would take a small deposit to secure the booking and the rest of the funds over 2 payments.
Music video is the grassroots of Video Ink. We made our first ever video by stapling a white bed sheet from Primark against a wall and got a rap group to perform in front of it. Since then, we’ve made 250+ music videos. We love the creativity and freedom of expression you get with music videos – it’s the ultimate art form. With commercial – we’ve been asked several times by companies to produce them a video because they liked something about our music videos, whether that be our style or pick of location. We have grown much enthusiasm for commercial video and have made it a great focus of the production company for the coming years.
We have a core team of 3 people people working full time at Video Ink performing many different roles. When we need others to come on board, this is usually on a per-project basis e.g we need a special FX make up artist. We do take on assistants who want to get into some deep production experience – some of our assistants have been with us for a few years and just come along for the ride! (It’s fun!).
To be honest, Video Ink are pretty much always open. We live and breathe this work! Our official opening times are 10am-6pm on weekdays and closed on weekends (we will either be out shooting a video or getting a breather in the countryside/home/pub).  
Who doesn’t? 😉


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