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Kukri Sports Ltd


Brand & Product Awareness


10 Videos

The Challenge


1. Modernise the Kukri Sports brand away from the existing dated look.

2. Attract and retain a broader range of customers by bringing the product lines up to date with larger brands.

3. Gather a wide range of visual resources in budget and complete under a very tight deadline.


Product Demonstrations (x5)

Kukri products are very specifically tailored towards the identity of teams, whilst using textile technology to empower the peak performance of athletes using their kit.

The product demonstration emphasises this overall shift, with slow motion and subtle effects showcasing the features of each garment in a stylish, modern format to attract Kukri’s youthful target audience. 

Featuring 5 main sports – the videos are also actively shown in bitesizes on Instagram, where great product visuals thrive. 


Explainer Interviews (x4)

The unique selling point of Kukri products are the highly quality, bespoke designs with features that stand head and shoulders with larger brands. 

Looking behind the scenes, the explainer videos feature the product designers creating the kit in the studio, whilst showcasing them via male and female athletes on a real photo and video shoot. 

This authentictity and insightful look into the designs promotes Kukri’s social media move into communicating directly with customers and getting to know their staff, as well as the hard work that goes into designing Kukri products.  


Additional Content Assets:

The Results


“An increase in engagement by 300%”.


The brand video created a huge buzz within the market, especially amongst Kukri’s competitors.  

 Kukri’s brand awareness was greatly strengethened across digital platforms, including promotional material for tenders and events.

The core sports videos are regularly posted upon social media platforms with an increase in engagement by 300% since February 2017.

These videos are product focused, with the slow motion and the effects it turns quality into premium.


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