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Submit Your Brief for a Free Video Proposal. 

Tell us everything – who you are, what you’re looking to achieve, how you’d like to do it and why you feel the Video Ink style is right for you. No worries if you’re stuck either, we can help with that. When you submit your brief, together we chat, we think and we create a proposal fully tailored to you and your audience. No obligation. No fluff.

Tip:  We accept most briefs from music, sports and lifestyle industries. Try us with something new!


We Create the Video Content. 

Everyone is different, so every video production is too. You just need that special something to make attention grabbing video which doesn’t go unnoticed. Once the proposal is approved by you, We talk strategy, we plan, organise it, shoot it, edit it and deliver. Whether it’s a single launch video (e.g music video) or a multi-content video series (branded content) – each asset will evolve your brand  with it’s own unique signature style. 

Tip:  Make sure you’re very clear about your needs and provide as much info as you can in your brief submission


Distribute & Launch On Social Media & Your Website. 

Don’t let your shiny new videos sit and rot. We guide you on optimising them for social media – specifically Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We’ll tick all the boxes: widescreen video, square format video, bitesizes, trailers, captions and subtitles for muted viewers, anything you need. Just ask. We want you to smash it!

Tip:  Facebook is very powerful as a primary video launchpad, as it holds the most data on your audience than any other website in the world. 


What kind of videos do you make?

While we have a strong music video background – we are not restricted to very niche video types. We carry over that highly visual style into branded content videos. Disruptive, risk-taking brands that attract some need to dramatise impact and entertain their audience are a perfect fit. The most popular videos are music promos, brand launch videos, explainers and demonstrations. In a non-boring type of way. 

What clients do you prefer to work with?

Open-minded, risk taking clients who understand the need to do something different than the norm – and who also appreciate modern creativity and visual work for what it is: something very fun, very challenging and rewarding to do. 

How much does a video cost?

There isn’t a set cost. because every brief is so different in scope and style, we can’t restrict the possibilities by having set prices that give you too little or too many options. You tell us what you want, and we’ll advise what’s best. (tip: videos ordered in bulk for longer campaigns are most cost effective than ordering a single video now and again). 

What does a general video include ?

Well, you get the whole works. Under the same roof. Same team. Same vibes. But different videos everytime. We help create the ideas, we organise it all, we hire the talent, source the locations, shoot the video(s), edit, colour grade, VFX, sound, mastering, delivery. Everything. We even advise you on social media stuff, like putting your videos on Facebook and extending your reach. We’ll keep giving you more value, the more you come to us. Promise.

Do you have your own filming equipment?

We’ll say first that the creativity and ideas are far more important than the gear we’re shooting on – but that’s not to say we love our toys! Yes indeed – our filming equipment has been built to be very portable. Everything we have is battery powered. We can go anywhere, and light anything. It’s pretty sweet! We have cameras, lenses, gimbals, motion slider kits, lighting, editing and so on. Got it all covered. 

Do you provide PR and TV submission?

95% of what we do goes online. We don’t provide PR, although we can point you where to go. We do TV submissions for music videos. We don’t manage anyone’s promotions on social media, but we do advise some tips if asked. 

How many people are in your team?

There’s 3 main video creatives running Video Ink, with a network of regular freelancers who come on board and bolster the crew with different talents and  skills. it’s great this way, as our clients are always dealing with the same people and know what to expect. 

What type of videos will you NOT do?

Anything very boring. Extreme very niche things. Stuff that we feel doesn’t fit the universal nature of Video Ink, or is potentially or obviously offensive and immoral, can’t be doing that. 

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