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Got an idea or are you stuck? We listen to everything  you need and want to achieve very carefully, so the ideas are perfectly tuned to your brand.


Do you find video complex, or would you like to get stuck in? We create signature style videos packed with creativity and spectacular visual splendour.


Feeling uncertain where to start with launching your video? We will provide you with social media tips and strategies to make your campaign more effective.

Work With a Friendly & Professional Main Team.

Adam D. Barker

Co-Founder / Director / Producer

“I help brands to find the best idea for their video production needs & make it happen”.

  • Creative Direction 85%
  • Producing 85%
  • Donkey Racing 10%

Oliver D. Price

Co-Founder / Director of Photography / Editor

“I focus on making sure the visual quality and style is true to the brand”.

  • Camera Skills 85%
  • Editing Skills 85%
  • Banana Juggling 10%

Matthew A. Boone

Production Manager / Camera / Editor

“I’m the guy who makes sure the video productions are smooth experiences”.

  • Organisational 85%
  • All-Round Video Skills 85%
  • Rocketship Building 10%

Yep, it’s an FAQ.

What package is right for my business?

This all depends on what your mission, purpose and goals are with your brand. To help you choose the right package, we talk to you in detail about what content types & volumes will benefit your buisness and make your life easier. Just ask and we’ll get cracking.

Can I get several videos?

We would recommend that you highly consider a series of videos. Content has a very short lifespan, so you really need to be putting out content regularly to make a difference.

What price do you charge?

All the packages are carefully tailored to your needs, so they suit your budget and fulfill the requirements of your overall mission. Due to this customisation, the end budget is wide open. It just depends how much volume you need and when you need your videos delivering by. We advise you of effective strategies and content types, where it’s up to you on how much reach and frequency you’re looking for.

Do I get a discount for booking more content?

As a special request, you can actually subscribe to Video Ink for your video content. This gives you an unlimited stream of video content that’s suited for your budget. The big benefit is that you become prolific on social media and also save money by taking out a subscription plan. As said, it’s a special request only available to a handful of clients. Try us if you’re interested.

Are the videos Social Media Ready?

Your content needs to be specially formatted for the most engaging appearance on social media so that it catches the eye and is easily shareable. This may involve submitting videos in square format and editing subtitles for smartphone users. Depends on the platform and audience. We have it covered no doubt.

What's a typical brand video?

The “hero” corporate video is less preferred to high volume video content, because of very short social media content lifespan. Right. So what’s the point in a featured brand video? This is the video that unifies all your content together with an overall unqiue, look and voice that drip feeds into all your other content. This creates what we call a “Visual Signature”. You need one.

Do you help with social media strategy?

We gathered it’s in your best interests to maximise the investment you’re making with video content, so providing a service to boost engagement on social media is a no-brainer. As well as helping you understand how to use the platforms effectively, we also offer to strategise a campaign for you. The more content you get, the more help you will get from us to make your brand seen.

What's included in an 'All-In-One Production.'

This just means that there’s no outsourcing, no cross-servicing, no bollocks. It’s the same team that starts a relationship with you, makes your content and delivers it to you. It’s always been this way and will never change. You have everything done under one roof. Everything.

What content types do you produce?

You may have your own ideas, however we can also help discuss the most effective content types. There are many traditional formats (brand video, explainer video, product demonstration, how-to video, testimonial video, product service / feature video, event video ….. the possibilities go on. There’s also fun, fly-on-the wall viral options such as public stunts, competitions, flashmob videos. The options are wide, wide open.

What music is available?

There’s a vast library on offer in all types of genres. Very popular, well known tracks do tend do be very, very, very expensive – so we advise to surprise your audience with lesser known, but comparable quality music.

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